Parsian Pre–fabricated Houses and Traditional Materials Engineering Company (P.J.S) with experience in construction and installation of type of pre-fabricated systems of sandwich and traditional panel and possessing skilled and experienced staff and specialists, has been cooperating with various local and foreign government and private organizations and companies and implementing number of projects.
Parsian Pre–fabricated House Construction Company at present is also active in the Middle Asian and South African countries in various projects. This company with facilities of construction and installation of two type of pre–fabricated system has minimized the difficulties of employers.
a) Pre–fabricated systems with installation of parts at site:
In this system walls and other packing parts transported to the site and installed on foundation or chassis with desire and suitable dimensions (capability of replacement and reinstallation and replacement of parts).
1- Desire dimension in length and width and height and adjustable.
2- Tile and ceramics of stone and complete insulation in the sanitary service and kitchen and floor of halls.
3- Capability of replacement and reinstallation.
4- Capability of increase or decrease and / or changes in the inner walls.
5- Capability of changing and repairing parts
6- Resisted against earthquake

b) Portable Containers System:
With the capability of connecting number of container to each other including residential and administrative container and type of booths and caravans.
Parsian Pre–fabricated Houses Construction Company, considering the volume of project in South Africa has taken required action to establish an office with executive staff on South Africa which in case of requirement the respected employers are ready to execute pre-fabricated services.

Ceiling and Wall Covering:
Parsian Construction Company while executing house construction and container project, is also an executive of installation of ceiling coverings and industrial halls, shed ad poultry with infrastructure and relevant connections.

Specifications of contents of sandwich panels
Sandwich panels are in thickness of 2, 4,6,8,10,15 cm and as per the order are manufactured up to the length of 12 meters. Meanwhile, there is 0.5 mm galvanized sheet on both side and inside it there is also ploy porthans, poly stayerol and poly staerein.