In Progress Projects

Completed Projects
1 - Strataus
Ghazvin-Rasht railway project Section 2001 Plot 1 With an Area of 2500 sqm.
2 - Kison
Construction of worker and administrative buildings at Siapisheh with an area of 1500 met.
3 - Dena Rahsaz
Installation of buildings of Saveh Hamedan Expressway with an area of 1500 met.
4 - Iran Pol
Construction of administrative buildings and engineers camp of Firouzkoh Tehran Highway project.
5 - Strataus
Construction of restaurant, worker, administrative and engineers camp at Azad dam project of Sanandaj With an area of 4500 met.
6 - Djibouti, South Africa
Construction and installation of site equipment of parliament building at Djibouti
7 - Pettroshimi Arvand
Restaurant and musqe.
8 - Strataus
Construction of administrative, labor and engineering buildings at Project Lot 2 Ghazvin-Rasht with an area of 4500 sqm.
9 - Denj Safar Kish
Construction of restaurant and construction of engineering camp at Lavan Island
10 - Villa
Construction of number of villas at Nesa and Shahrstanak
11 - Villa
Construction of 30 villas at Abbasabad Tourism township with an area of 3000 sqm
12 - Pars Cement
Construction of engineering buildings special for foreign personnel at Firouzkoh
13 - Jehad Toseh Manabeh Aab
Installation of shed wall and ceiling
14 - Omran Maroun
Container and administrative offices
15 - Kindej
Installation of buildings project
16 - Azran
Construction of restaurant and engineers camp in the form of villa