Equipping massive construction projects

In massive construction projects such as dams, roads, exploration sites, ports, etc. which require several manpower, the prefabricated buildings can be constructed in the least amount of time and cost, and specialized manpower can also be deployed there in no time. In the end of the execution of project, by dismantling of precast structures, these buildings can be used for at least five times in other projects, in this case, prefabricated buildings seem to be very useful in financial terms, pace and time of execution and portable feature. In the event of completing a part of the project, the buildings will be transferred to another place which provides flexibility for project management and prevents damaging the environment.

  • Increasing the speed in construction and assembly (use of prefabricated materials)
  • Safe against earthquakes (using materials with low density and weight such as sandwich panels)
  • Being portable for re-use in other projects (one of the advantages of these structures is that they can be assembled and disassembled and moved to other location)
  • Preventing energy loss in the building (use of thermal insulation in the wall of the container, through sandwich panels)
  • Ability to storage the parts (many panels can be stored and used again when necessary)
  • The possibility to order a variety of designs in colours for different uses.
  • Environmentally friendly products